DriveRight: More Wheel And Tyre Data

DriveRight, the leading independent supplier of international vehicle, wheel and tyre data, presents a number of add-ons to its services: A newly developed webservice allows users to quickly and easily receive corresponding OE TPMS data for a searched vehicle. DriveRight and its partner Lockside Software have also developed a new full service for the creation of printed catalogues: DriveRight and Lockside take control of the creation of catalogues, working with Lockside’s software solution Catalog’nTime. In addition, DriveRight now offers number plate (VRM) searches for France and Denmark.

Get TPMS Data Online
DriveRight has integrated OE TPMS data (tyre pressure monitoring systems) to its vehicle database. Now, DriveRight introduces a new add-on to access this information. This dedicated webservice makes it possible to search for the corresponding data for a vehicle in the most efficient way. This allows customers that are already working with DriveRight’s vehicle database to quickly integrate TPMS data, with all the vehicle identifiers that are necessary for the query already available.

Partnership with Lockside Software: Full Service to Create Print Catalogues
The long-lasting partnership with Lockside Software now offers a new full creation service for the production of print catalogues: Lockside and DriveRight take care of each necessary step to create a printed catalogue, from the design of templates based on customers’ needs and polishing of product data to providing the final pre-press file of the catalogue to the customer. “Even in our digital world today, printed catalogues are still an important tool for any sales team. With our new service for producing printed catalogues, we are supporting our aftermarket customers in every way”, explains Richard Bailey, Director of DriveRight. The new full service is based on Catalog’nTime, a software solution developed by Lockside that is designed for the production of catalogues of 50 pages or more. The tool works in conjunction with Quark Xpress and Adobe InDesign to dramatically decrease production time. It is a multi-user system that holds hundreds of thousands of products, collates them for a catalogue and builds the pages according to configurable style templates.

Number plate search in France and Denmark

DriveRight’s recently presented beta version of number plate search in France is now available as an API webservice that can be implemented in the customer’s own website. To suit French privacy laws, DriveRight provides a B2B and a B2C version. For the B2C it is necessary to also type in the first three letters of the vehicle owner’s surname. DriveRight now offers a second solution for France to do a quick vehicle search, in addition to the already existing search with the vehicle ID “D.2.1” from the “Carte Grise”. DriveRight also announces today that they have launched a number plate search for Denmark and thus not only fill the last gap in offering VRM searches in all Scandinavian countries, it also means that they are now been able to offer number plate searches for all European countries where such a type of search is technically possible. This gives operators of online shops across Europe the opportunity to accelerate and simplify their customers’ search for the right product, increasing customer satisfaction and ultimately revenue.