Leading logistics company C M Downton has invested £500,000 in the efficiency of its operations with new tracking and management systems for its recently expanded fleet of trucks and trailers.

Downton is installing telematics system Trakm8 on its fleet of 1,400 trailers. Trakm8 allows users to access the location of units with the help of SIM cards, which report back information three times a day as well as when the unit begins to move or comes to a stop.

The system was adopted to improve the safety of the fleet and ensure Downton’s entire trailer pool is accounted for at all times. However, the company is already seeing further benefits as a result of the investment.

Downton’s chief fleet engineer Geoff Wright said, “The concept is really very simple in its design but provides a whole host of benefits for the company.We can ensure effective use of our trailer pool and make sure we don’t have any inactive trailers parked away from our yards. This is particularly helpful when our trailers are being used by our subcontractors.As well as improving the efficiency of our own operations, this has a positive impact on the tracking services we provide to customers, which are now far more accurate as a result.”

In addition to Trakm8, Downton is investing in a new traffic management software from ESSL, which will include an interface to fully automate the management of the fleet’s servicing and maintenance needs.

Geoff Wright added: “With the ESSL system  and Trakm8 working in harmony we will be able to create a system which incorporates scheduled services and MOTs into a delivery route; improving the efficiency of the fleet and significantly cutting empty running.”