DHL Supply Chain is to introduce augmented reality technology glasses into warehouses in the UK in an aim to increase efficiency. The leading delivery company has been working alongside industry giants Google, Vuzix and Ubimax to implement vision picking into the sector. Vision picking involves staff members wearing advanced smart glasses which visually display where each picked item should be placed on the trolley to maximise productivity and manage time effectively.

After being trialled in the Netherlands, the technology has proven to increase productivity and reduce error rates, as well as a significant improvement in employee satisfaction.

The technology will now be piloted across the UK, Europe and the USA. The augumented reality glasses will be integrated into various sectors and industries including retail, technology, consumer and automotive. The results of these pilots will allow the company to determine the future of the technology’s implementation in the sector.

CEO John Gilbert said: “We are excited to further test and develop vision picking as a solution that can be readily available to our customers. More importantly, this technology is not just one step towards digitalizing manual processes on the shop floor, it also takes us one step closer towards Industry 4.0. Testing technologies like augmented reality, robotics and Internet of Things will continue to be a big part of our DNA.”

Markus Voss, CIO Supply Chain said: “The Vision Picking Programme is DHL Supply Chain’s first translation of what augmented reality solutions can look like for supply chains. The broad spectrum in which the technology can be applied across various sectors is exciting to us, and the potential of this technology for business is still largely untapped. We believe this programme is a game changer in how we run our supply chain operations and deliver added value to our customers.”