Demand for LPG Alternative Reaches New High

46% of Londoners keen to convert

– Research shows London has the biggest appetite to switch to cost-effective and environmentally friendly fuel.
– Survey also reveals demand for ready-to-drive LPG vehicles in the UK

Nearly half of London drivers would consider switching their vehicles to run on LPG Autogas – the cheaper and more environmentally-friendly fuel alternative to petrol and diesel – according to new research out today.

A nationwide Comres poll – commissioned by Autogas Ltd, the UK’s leading LPG Autogas supplier – showed that nearly a third of people (31%) would consider converting their vehicle to LPG, which is available from 1400 filling stations across England, Wales and Scotland.

However, in London there was a greater potential appetite for the fuel which retails for approximately 70p per litre, with 46 per cent of those surveyed said they would consider converting in the future.

LPG Autogas has been available for a number of years in the UK and currently 155,000 drivers use the fuel. Conversion costs around £1500 which can be made back in savings usually within 12 months due to it having considerably lower tax duty because of its environmental advantages. The Government recently announced a 10-year tax trajectory which supports low prices for gaseous fuels including LPG Autogas.