Demand From EU Markets Helps To Fuel 12% Growth In UK Car Production, Says KPMG

John Leech, KPMG’s UK Head of Automotive, commented on the UK car production figures for March published today by the SMMT. He said:

“The 12% growth in the number of cars made in the UK in March 2014 has been driven by strong demand in all major markets.

“In the last couple of years demand from UK and emerging market consumers has driven the growth in UK car production, but now EU consumers are also buying more cars made in Britain.”

Mr Leech said the Nissan Qashqai, BMW Mini and Range Rover Sport had been successfully launched in the last few months and he now expected strong year on year growth in UK car production for the rest of 2014.

“With exciting new model launches planned over the next three years, including the new Vauxhall Astra and Jaguar XE, I am confident that car production will continue to rise towards 2 million vehicles in 2017 and a huge £8 billion trade surplus,” he added.