Powerful Collaboration Between TRACKER and HPI Uncovers Unsubscribed TRACKER-Equipped Used Cars

Dealers And Their Customers To Benefit From New Sales Opportunities.

Two of the industry’s leading vehicle fraud experts, TRACKER, the stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) expert and HPI, a market leading vehicle provenance provider, have joined forces to bring an exciting new revenue opportunity to used car dealers.   Retailers who check their stock with HPI to uncover a hidden history will also be told if the vehicle is hiding a TRACKER device.  If it is, dealers are able to sell on the subscription to its new owner.

This exciting collaboration between two leaders in their respective fields, not only sees dealers earn commission from TRACKER, but enables them to offer their customers a TRACKER subscription without the customer having to pay the expense of a full purchase and installation.  In turn this will enhance a dealer’s customer experience and strengthen its customer loyalty.

David Wilson, Services Director for TRACKER explains:  “Last year alone, nearly 7 million used cars exchanged hands in the UK.  Many of these could be TRACKER-equipped, yet the owners who sold them on may well have done so without telling the buyer that it has a TRACKER device fitted to it.  Indeed, some of these sellers may actually be unaware themselves the car has a TRACKER device fitted to it.    By joining forces with HPI we are now able to uncover the hundreds of thousands of unsubscribed devices that are unknowingly exchanging hands with used car dealers or secretly sitting on retail forecourts to benefit dealers and their customers.”

TRACKER is the only SVR product that is used by the UK’s police forces to assist in recovering stolen vehicles.  Unlike other devices, TRACKER’s unique technology can locate stolen vehicles anywhere, even when they are hidden in a garage or shipping container. 95%* of stolen cars fitted with TRACKER are returned to their owners and 86% of these are recovered within 24hrs.  In 2013 TRACKER recovered nearly £8,500,000 worth of stolen vehicles, returning them to their rightful owners.

Phil Peace, Commercial Director for HPI concludes:  “HPI Checks identify more than 30 stolen vehicles per day, helping to protect used car buyers from making a costly mistake.  Now, by bringing together two powerful data sets we are creating an opportunity for dealers to help used car buyers better protect themselves against theft and losing their car for good in the event of it begin stolen.  The success rate of TRACKER locating and returning a vehicle to its owner after it has been stolen is an incredibly strong marketing message for dealers to be presenting to their customers.  And the financial savings to be gained by the customer add real value to the dealer’s proposition.”