BCA’s award-winning Dealer Pro service has undergone numerous upgrades to be even more accessible for all dealers, franchised or independent, delivering an accurate, transparent and professional part-exchange process, whilst building confidence with retail customers and improving profitability. Designed in partnership with dealers and developed in-house by BCA, the app delivers enhanced features and a more intuitive experience, with a new customer friendly interface that makes it even easier to use.

“Dealer Pro is a well-trusted and widely used service across the dealer landscape. The all-new Dealer Pro app has been extensively field tested with partner dealers, making sure that the product truly delivered what they needed.  The new app can be downloaded directly from the app store and be up and running within minutes, generating accurate vehicle valuations through a consistent appraisal process,” said Guy Thomas, BCA Group Head of Product.

Many of the UK’s leading dealer groups have been using Dealer Pro, as it helps them improve vehicle sales and profitability. The tool is designed to help dealers manage every aspect of handling part-exchanges, providing them with a controlled and consistent process to create trust with their customers.

“The part-exchange is a critical element of profitable retailing and BCA Dealer Pro helps dealers to appraise, value and retain or remarket part-exchange vehicles with the minimum fuss and maximum efficiency.  It plays a vital role in building trust with customers by using a transparent and understandable part-exchange process, turning opportunities into sales,” Guy added.

Richard Hollis, Head of Used Car Development at Jardine Motors, commented about the app: “We’ve worked closely with BCA in the development of this new app, with several of our dealers participating in the beta testing phase.  All indications are that this app will deliver a real step forward in the part-exchange process, helping us to deliver high quality appraisals for our customers and the integration into our lead management systems will ensure a consistent sales process across our group. We look forward to rolling out the new Dealer Pro app during the next quarter.”