The latest automotive business to sign up to PACT and embrace electronic trading with parts distributors in the automotive aftermarket is CPS Drivelink. The company supplies and manufactures Commercial, Motor Vehicle and Motorsport driveline, steering and braking products and it has already seen electronic enquiries and orders increase with the implementation of electronic trading into the business.

“As a specialist manufacturer, we see ourselves as experts in implementing efficiencies throughout the business. Electronic trading is an extension of this and we’ve been hugely impressed at the ease of the system and how many enquiries / orders we have received,” said Andy White of CPS Drivelink.

PACT, the joint venture between eParts and TecCom, has successfully connected more 90 suppliers with over 2000 motor factor branch locations in the UK.

“We continue to bring suppliers and distributors closer together and prove that electronic trading is a benefit for all businesses in the automotive aftermarket, specialist and mainstream, as it delivers serious cost-savings and efficiencies by automating the entire supply process,” said Mark Rudge of PACT.

PACT capability enables motor factors and suppliers to communicate and trade more effectively as all ordering processes are automated and seamlessly transacted into a business’s management system. In addition to a more efficient trading relationship, the benefits of PACT are reduced costs from stationery, postage and labour, allowing for the redeployment of resources into other critical areas of the business.