The UK’s public transport users are proving to be the smart commuters, saving money and time judging by the huge number of Corethree developed mobile tickets (m-tickets) that are now being sold. Numbers have now hit an incredible £1m per week milestone.

The company, which most recently built the TfL Santander Cycles App, has seen over 2.5 million downloads across its suite of applications for bus, rail, tram and cycle including First Group, Transport for Edinburgh, Translink and Santander Cycles. Increasingly Corethree is building apps for multi-modal travel systems.

Corethree will soon be announcing the first integrated m-ticket and iBeacon travel system in Europe, as it takes the use of its proprietary technology to new levels. By using innovation to focus on the passenger it is able to deliver the missing link in Smart Cities solutions; genuine added value benefits for the public.

The mobile technology experts will also be integrating Apple Pay into its applications in the next few months. This means that the user can plan, book and buy their travel at home or on the go, saving time and money. A key benefit to users is the flexibility that m-ticketing provides. Corethree developed dynamic pricing that means the best offer will always be served up to the traveller. As the traditional work patterns change, this means money is not wasted on peak time travel.

Ashley Murdoch, CEO Corethree says:

“We began building mobile ticketing applications in 2012 and our clients were selling a hundred of so a week. Just 3 years later we have seen this jump to a phenomenal 80,000. The new features we have built including dynamic pricing, purchase delegation, geo-location and the ultra secure flash pass have really caught the public’s imagination. They can see the benefits in terms of cost and convenience. Our clients can see the impact both financially and also through an improved customer experience.

Everything we do at Corethree is about creating a friction free mobile experience – we are dedicated to bringing our unique capability, through Core Engine, our proprietary software, to a huge variety of industries. Our lead in the m-ticketing industry is just the start of what we can do.”

Thanks to a raft of high profile m-payment partnerships all applications now include multiple payment options; credit card, Barclays Pingit, direct to carrier billing via Boku and most recently PayPal. Apple Pay will follow soon and with the addition of Windows all Corethree apps will soon be available on all major smartphones.