16 September 2015 – Chadwicks Recycling, a Bolton-based waste management and recycling firm, has reduced fuel and insurance costs across its fleet, after deploying a telematics solution from Masternaut.

Fleet managers at Chadwicks Recycling are using the Masternaut Connect telematics system for vehicle tracking, reducing instances of speeding, and improving vehicle utilisation. Operating across its fleet of 20 vehicles, ranging from trucks and vans to pickups and cars, Masternaut Connect has already helped to provide significant cost savings in fuel and insurance expenditure across the fleet.

Masternaut Connect provides Chadwicks Recycling with tailored reports on speeding, providing fleet managers with the tools to educate drivers on how to drive safely and the effect this has on fuel consumption.

The technology provides a real-time view of Chadwicks Recycling’s fleet at any time, giving fleet managers full visibility of all vehicles. This enables it to accurately notify clients when jobs can be carried out, while also giving more control over how its fleet operates. Since implementation, the firm has radically improved efficiency through better vehicle utilisation.

Providing powerful routing capabilities, Masternaut Connect is also helping drivers and fleet managers to find the fastest route to customer locations across the UK.

Sean Chadwick, Managing Director, Chadwicks Recycling, commented, “Masternaut Connect has had a huge effect on our business and has allowed us to manage our employees and jobs more efficiently. Our plant equipment is a valuable asset, so we need to plan carefully how it is deployed – with that in mind vehicle utilisation is a key aspect for us. Combined with this, the money that Connect has helped us to save on insurance and fuel costs means that the system pays for itself and, in that respect, it’s been an invaluable addition to our business.”

Steve Towe, Chief Commercial Officer and UK Managing Director, added, “With a diverse fleet and a growing business, it’s important for Chadwicks Recycling to have a scalable solution like Masternaut Connect to keep up with the pace of expansion. It’s great to see the benefits are stacking up for Chadwicks Recycling. Telematics isn’t solely for large fleets, but something that growing small and medium sized businesses like Chadwicks can benefit from.”