New CFO Heralds Bigger And Better ByBox

Former DeLonghi FD hired to take ByBox into new age of growth.

The ByBox Group has hired Pete Rowse as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to cement and continue the group’s fast-paced growth. This growth has been driven by a number of acquisitions, including echo Ltd and Business Direct. Pete’s role will be to strengthen the ByBox’s financial capabilities while also using his commercial experience to support the group’s future plans.

Pete will be bringing a wealth of experience to this new CFO role, gained from over a two decades of senior level financial management. Earlier in his career he oversaw the growth of DeLonghi Ltd in the UK from £5m to £50m turnover, before spending three years in the US delivering a successful turnaround, in a £250m enterprise that was growing rapidly in a number of sectors.

Pete then managed an IPO for a technology company, successfully floating the formerly private equity backed company on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange. He managed the key client relationship which led to Volvo incorporating the company’s technology into their Heavy Duty trucks. He was also CFO for another City-based technology start-up. Through this period Pete’s developed a broad range of City experience and relationships. During his career, Pete has carried out acquisition and disposal transactions, negotiated significant contracts with blue chip companies and raised tens of millions of pounds from institutional and private equity investors.

Stuart Miller, CEO and co-founder, ByBox said: “The ByBox Group has seen unprecedented growth over the past few years. Acquisitions, a wealth of new clients and expanded services have all driven us onwards and upwards. Pete’s understanding of blue chip financial management will prove invaluable as we continue to grow towards an enterprise turning over £100m annually.”

Pete Rowse, CFO, ByBox said: “ByBox’s domestic and international expansion has been fantastic. Recent acquisitions and future growth plans are set to build one of the most innovative and nimble companies not just in the logistics and supply chain industry but in the UK as a whole. By applying my understanding of structuring businesses, financing, acquisitions and managing client relationships, the group will be well placed to consolidate the growth to date and leverage its unique strengths and its market leading position.”