Price and Fretwell, a Derbyshire-based catering butcher and fine quality meat provider, has improved driver behaviour across its fleet, after deploying a next-generation telematics solution from Masternaut.

Price and Fretwell is using Masternaut Connect for driver behaviour improvements across its fleet of ten vehicles (refrigerated transit vans and company cars), aiming to reduce speeding, and cut down incidents of harsh braking, acceleration and cornering.

Masternaut provides Price and Fretwell with reports on driver behaviour across the fleet, to identify areas of improvement. This provides Price and Fretwell with the information to better educate drivers on how to improve their driving and road safety in the future. In the three months since installation, the firm has achieved a decrease in harsh driving events in excess of 60% and a 73% reduction in speeding.

Masternaut Connect provides a real-time view of Price and Fretwell’s fleet at any time, giving fleet managers full visibility of all vehicles. Providing powerful routing capabilities, Masternaut Connect also helps drivers and fleet managers to find the fastest route to customer locations across the UK. This helps to provide Price and Fretwell with better vehicle utilisation and reduced fuel costs.

Fleet managers and customer service advisors use Masternaut Connect to provide restaurants, hotels and pubs with precise updates on time of arrival and advise of any delays.

Kevin Chappell, General Manager, Price and Fretwell commented, “Being a local business, we pride ourselves on delivering a quality service to the restaurants, hotels and pubs we serve. Masternaut Connect has helped us to improve how we operate, by improving our driver’s road safety and also ensuring we can give our customers 100 per cent accurate information on when to expect their orders. We’re a small team, but Masternaut has helped to make us even more efficient and safe, and has provided us with fuel cost savings, ensuring the system pays for itself.”

Steve Towe, Chief Operating Officer and UK Managing Director, added, “The benefits of telematics is something that can easily extend beyond large fleets, with SMEs and local businesses like Price and Fretwell also able to reap the rewards. The savings that telematics technology provides can ensure that you invest in other areas of the business, and provide much more than simple vehicle tracking for fleets.”