BITO LEO in Production

BITO LEO in Production

BITO’s LEO Locative driverless internal transport system has successfully passed the test phase of the launch. The transport system is has now gone into production and has been described as the simplest Automated Guided Vehicle available on the market. BITO’s LEO does not require any infrastructure or complex installation, making it simple to set up and start using. This lack of infrastructure could lead to the opportunities with robots as well as applications for a wider range of operations.

The Managing Director of BITO Storage Systems, Edward Hutchinson has said that Leo offers a solution that is affordable and simple to use, but also delivers productive robotics intralogistics solution that can be used by ecommerce retailers, manufacturers and a range of other logistics operations in order to gain a competitive edge. In order to show customers how the new Locative driverless internal transport system works, BITO has a demonstration system set up at their Experience centre in Nuneaton.

The LEO is able to transport containers that weigh up to 20 kg, set up requiring the layout of a visible track on the floor that the AGV will then follow. On the tracks there are also a range of special markings that makes sure that the system always known where it is and the AGV can then be guided reliably to all targets. These tracks and markings can be changed or completely removed in order to set up new tasks and operations for the AGV to carry out.

This new BITO LEO delivers an intralogistics solution that is flexible and adopts a stepped through approach in order to ensure that the internal transport system can be scaled easily in order to meet individual business requirements. The AGV created by BITO Storage Systems will allow businesses a great opportunity to progress in the robot race.

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