Dr Ross Moloney and Paul Brooks

A Bigger Future For The Logistics Guild

Skills for Logistics partners with the BiS Henderson Academy to develop The Logistics Guild

The Logistics Guild, created by Skills for Logistics in 2012 as a free-to-join member network offering support, guidance, development and jobs to its members, has entered a new phase of development through a partnership agreement with the BiS Henderson Academy.

Under the arrangement the BiS Henderson Academy will work on behalf of Skills for Logistics to grow the membership of The Logistics Guild and to build a broad platform of benefits for the support, career development and up-skilling of members.

Along with a series of discounts for retail stores, and benefits relating to sporting clubs, financial products and other services, a core incentive to join will be the opportunity for members to have their skills and qualifications accredited, with assessments undertaken by Skills for Logistics, so that individuals can create their own ‘Skills Passport’ on The Logistics Guild’s website. Employers will find the ‘Skills Passport’ an easily accessible and trustworthy source of verified information on potential employees. Skills for Logistics is well placed to check data against National Occupational Standards and through its close links with employers, schools and colleges.

“With over 2.3 million people working in logistics across 188,445 businesses in the UK, it’s important that The Logistics Guild has the opportunity to develop further, so that individuals in the sector can better themselves through acquiring greater skills, identifying a clear career pathway, and networking with others. In turn, The Logistics Guild promises to offer support to the industry with the highly skilled and engaged workforce it needs,” said Dr Ross Moloney, CEO of Skills for Logistics. “That’s why we believe a strong working relationship with the BiS Henderson Academy – with its close contacts with a wide range of industry bodies, businesses and academic institutions, together with its associated NOVUS Trust degree course in logistics and supply chain management – presents the Guild with the best opportunity to flourish.”

Paul Brooks, Chairman of Skills for Logistics and Managing Director of the BiS Henderson Academy, said, “This is an opportunity for every individual in the sector to have a voice and for each member to feel part of a valued industry body.

“The UK government, through the UKCES, invested £500,000 in two separate projects to test whether young people, and the many industry sectors involved in logistics, would value a ‘Guild’ and to what extent individuals might take it up. The result has been a resounding ‘Yes’. Over 30,000 people have applied for free membership, with a further 70,000 signaling intentions to do so with the launch of the new Logistics Guild website in early November.

“However, we have great ambitions with a target of 250,000 active members in our sights for next year and, through the BiS Henderson Academy, we intend to work with a range of partners to create jobs and use apprenticeships to make The Logistics Guild a hub for generating opportunities for the individual logistics worker,” said Brooks.

He continued: “I would like to emphasise that Skills for Logistics is a charity and The Logistics Guild is a charitable endeavour. All efforts are for the benefit of the individual working in the logistics sector. It is now our job to ensure that Guild members get the best possible resources for developing their careers. Our aim is to build the membership through encouraging more to join, but also, it is important that businesses too, embrace the Guild by offering their employees an endorsed membership that provides access to even greater benefits.

“Importantly, the Guild is a collective network of individuals, run for and by its members, that can tap into the resources and support mechanisms we are building, to further develop their skills and to plan their career paths for the future,” said Brooks.

In early November a new website will go live at with a whole raft of new benefits for members.