A five-year Auto Services Solutions contract has been agreed between BCA Marketplace and BMW UK. The agreement, which is part of BCA’s strategy of becoming market leader of integrated solution, will see BCA provide a full range of joined-up solutions from defleet, refurbishment, inspection and collection, inventory management and remarketing both physical and digital for BMW UK.

“The BCA business model is unique in its breadth of services across the supply chain and this provides a compelling customer service offering and creates efficiencies through synergies across all divisions. For BMW, the opportunity to partner with BCA across a range of remarketing, logistics, preparation and inventory management services will bring economies of scale and generate real value,” commented BMW UK’s Remarketing Operations Manager, Stewart Hodges.

The two companies have worked together to build and develop an innovative, cost efficient and market leading solution for their used car needs. Over the next five years, BCA will solely defleet, refurbish, inventory manage and remarket, both physically and digitally, vehicles on behalf of BMW UK.

BMW UK has also agreed a five-year deal for BCA Fleet Solutions to be the sole de-fleet and refurbishment partner, with BCA constructing a new dedicated BMW defleet centre that will handle all its storage and refurbishment needs.

“We are delighted to have secured this substantial and significant volume of business from one of our longest standing corporate customers,” said BCA’s Chief Commercial Officer, Craig Purvey.

“BCA is on the record as stating our strategy is to integrate along the automotive value chain, focussing on developing extended, unified solutions: increasing volumes, creating value added services and improving efficiencies. This significant deal with BMW Group underlines that BCA is creating the most efficient, sustainable and profitable vehicle exchange with the capacity to meet the growing needs of the motor industry,” he added.

In addition, BCA Logistics has also been awarded a seven year deal as Inspect & Collect provider to BMW and Alphabet, its specialist leasing business.