B&B Attachments has launched PowerMount, a unique patented system that enables the truck operator to quickly change from one hydraulic attachment to another in just 90 seconds. The PowerMount system allows for attachment change to be completed without the need for an engineer, guaranteeing a fast, easy and safe way to interchange forklift attachments.

Modifications have been made to the PowerMount system to improve safety, with sensors being fitted to the front of the system to ensure that the attachment correctly engages with the PowerMount. This modification not only prevents the operator from fitting the attachment

incorrectly, but also eliminates any chance of the attachment slipping or moving out of place. A light switch feature has also been added to inform the operator that the attachment is mounted and correctly locked to the PowerMount system. This new feature ensures that the hydraulic pipework is correctly fitted, and the attachment is ready for use.

This modified system, with its new safety features, is supplied to several major supermarket chains, construction sites and logistics companies throughout the UK. PowerMount has become indispensable for companies that frequently handle various types of loads. It allows one forklift truck to use several different attachments, providing the best possible utilisation of a forklift fleet. Choosing the correct attachment can have several benefits to the working environment, including enhanced control, increased productivity and improved safe working practice.

The PowerMount system enhances on-site safety by ensuring operators are more likely to select the correct attachment suitable for the type of load that requires lifting, rather than compromising by using whatever attachment the truck has fitted at the time for quickness. Using an incorrect attachment for a lift is unsafe and could result in damage to the load and attachment.

B&B Attachments is the leading specialists in material handling solutions in UK and Ireland. B&B specialise in the design and manufacture of bespoke forklift truck attachment solutions, creating products for customers with specific material handling requirements.