Leading truck manufacturer MAN has supplied two hookloader vehicles fitted with LX hi-roof sleeper cabs and draw bars to meet the needs of one of specialist vehicle firm LC Vehicle Hire’s customers.

Antony Fensom, fleet engineer with LC Vehicle Hire, said: “Our customer Celtic Recycling came to us looking for a hookloader and trailer with a sleeper cab.

“We have a few older MAN vehicles and we knew that the TGS would meet their requirements for maneuverability as well as offering greater fuel economy.

“Once they saw the spec that was offered they were happy with what we could provide and the deal was signed for a five-year lease.”

Mark Smith, transport manager for Celtic Recycling, added: “We have actually operated an MAN since 2013 and have been very happy with it and we knew the benefits and advantages of the new lease model.

“Covering an area from Cornwall to Cumbria, 95 per cent of our work involves motorway driving. The new vehicles have been upgraded with increased engine capacity to accommodate running at 44 tonnes when pulling a drag, air deflector kit to alleviate drag and improve MPG as well as a larger fuel tank.

“Everyone so far is delighted with the new TGSs and we are hoping that over the long term the benefits will also show in the mpg.

“The trucks are additions to our fleet and have been brought in to meet the demands of an increased workload.”

MAN’s Steve Welsh added: “The design brief required a multi axle draw-bar rigid with the comfort, power and fuel efficiency of tractor unit. Using an increasingly popular 8×2 rear lift chassis configuration Celtic Recycling now have the perfect vehicles for their needs with reduced costs and greater efficiency assured.”