ADC Drainage Limited's Big Reveal of their latest Scania Series vehicle

ADC Drainage Limited’s Big Reveal of Their Latest Scania Series Vehicle

ADC Drainage Limited, a company that specializes in drainage and with a home base in Cambridgeshire, have been particularly excited recently with the release of their latest Scania Series vehicle. Complete with a tank that has the capacity to hold up to no less than 2,640 gallons of British waste. With a colossal ability to extract 63 gallons of waste a minute and complete with accurate and safe controls, this new Scania is clearly set to become the talk of the town among drainage truck enthusiasts and ADC’s competitors.

Contractually agreed to last for 5 years under a Repair and Maintenance deal, this vehicle will be used to operate in collaboration with the Kings Lynn department of TruckEast to ensure that all services are of a high standard as they have been so far. Indeed, Mister Steve Paige, the Director of ADC, expresses his joy in the vehicle’s huge potential but also for the ongoing smooth relationship between ADC and TruckEast, that has ensured that excellent service was provided along the commissioned routes undertaken. Although currently located in and around Cambridgeshire, it is hoped that, through these excellent new developments in ADC’s technology and its devotion to releasing fleets of new vehicles with powerful capacity, ADC’s services will be used all around and more frequently across the various stretches of the United Kingdom.

In fact, it seems that through these lucrative deals and a very successful year of growth in business revenue, ADC will be having a makeover and are destined to be part of an emergency service provider that can be dispatched to London as quickly as possible. And with a new Scania vehicle of 26 tons and a magnificent drainage capacity, it is clear that the councils in the Cambridgeshire and London areas can rest assured that their drainage is in safe hands through the wonderful service provided by ADC.

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