Choosing the right third-party logistics provider can be challenging. With today’s business environment becoming increasingly innovative and fast-paced, the challenge of finding your perfect match is harder than ever before.

You’ve worked on your product development, your business strategies are in place, but a highly-effective supply chain solution is often the missing piece of the puzzle. If your product isn’t in front of your customers on time and on budget, your distribution channels can become a cost drain rather than a value-adding process, meaning your choice of supplier is a key strategic decision.

Effectively vetting your 3PL provider can help establish what is being offered above and beyond price by expanding your selection criteria. ‘Value-for-money’ should take priority over direct cost-savings; your decision should be about the whole package.

RCS Logistics Ltd. presents the following 7 factors for consideration when choosing your 3PL provider to ensure seamless execution along your supply chain.

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