A Krone Profi Liner has been delivered to Evyan Transport, the Chelmsford-based general haulier, as it believed to cope with a greater variety of loads and trim fuel costs compared to heavier trailers on the fleet.

The trailer is a fine example of Krone’s integrated trailer design and production capability, coming with a sliding roof, Krone’s Multi Lock loading system, Krone axles and Krone ‘EasyRider’ tyres, all assembled at the company’s Werlte manufacturing facility in NW Germany.

“This is always a competitive business. So, it makes sense to operate trailers which are economic to run and easily adapted to suit a wide variety of cargo,” said Evyan Operation Director, Andrei Brasoveanu.

The Profi Liner is standardly equipped with Multi Lock strapping points ever 100 mm along each side rave, enabling Evyan to securely strap virtually any type of load along the trailer length. In addition, each point has a loading tolerance of two tonnes and can be accessed from inside and outside the curtain, which is food for speed and driver safety.

“The weight makes a difference too. We carry mixed loads of scaffold bundles, palletised food, boxes of clothes – whatever – and having around 900 kg less tare weight means fuel and wear costs are reduced over the long term,” added Andrei.

Moreover, the Profi Liner has been built in accordance with the European Code EN 12642 XL and it comes with 30mm-thick phenolic-coated plywood floor rated at 7,000 kg forklift axle loading, a bolted steel front bulkhead and Krone’s steel, container-type barn doors with integrated locks for added security.

“Put it all together and we have a versatile trailer that combines quality with economic performance – the ideal asset for a competitive transport world. We are really pleased with the product and in the next 6-12 months we will replace all our trailers with Krone,” concluded Andrei.

Evyan Transport operates a mixed fleet including temperature controlled, agricultural, fruit and produce, containers and ADR services on regular routes from all the major seaports throughout Europe.