FTA Publish Conditions for Smooth No Deal Brexit

FTA Publish Conditions for Smooth No Deal Brexit

This week it has made the headlines that Prime Minister Theresa May and her government have been making preparations for the possible outcome that Britain could walk away from talks with the EU without a trade deal. The Freight Transport Association and the UK logistics sector as a whole has been urging the government to […]

Freight Transport Association Welcome Transition Period

Freight Transport Association Welcome Call for Brexit Transition Period

The latest stage of Brexit negotiation has been taking place this week and the Freight Transport Association, FTA, has been welcomed the proposal made public by Theresa May for a two-year transition period. The negotiations have been taking place in Brussels, but in Florence, the Prime Minister called for a transition period as an important […]

Parcel Hero Pleased With Theresa May’s Brexit Proposal

Parcel Hero Pleased With Theresa May's Brexit Proposal in Florence

Last Week, Prime Minister Theresa May gave a speech in to the European Union leaders at a gathering in Florence. At this meeting she set out her intentions in regards to Brexit negotiations. As a part of this speech, the Prime Minister proposed a transition deal that could keep the UK in the single market […]

Theresa May Has Made a Deal With the DUP

Theresa May Has Made a Deal With the Democratic Unionist Party

The Conservatives and Theresa May have made a deal with the Democratic Unionist Party in order to form a government after the election that took place on the 8th June and resulted in a Hung Parliament. As a art of the deal that has been made between the two political parties, the Conservatives have agreed […]