High Hopes for Riga International Airport

High Hopes for Riga Airport

It has been revealed that the Riga International Airport has had a busier time than ever before in the previous year. Released figures have demonstrated that a record number of traffic (in terms of passengers boarding in and out of the airport) has never been so high, with numbers reaching their peak level in the […]

Ryanair to Expand Lithuania MRO Base in Kaunas

Ryanair to Expand Lithuania Base

Low cost Irish carrier Ryanair is expanding its maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) base in Kaunas, Lithuania. The transport industry giant has plans to invest about €250,000 into the expansion of the facilities of its maintenance unit, Kaunas Aircraft Maintenance Services (KAMS), which is situated at Kaunas International Airport. According to KAMS’s accountable manager, Karolis […]