Celebrate Completion of Cheshire’s A556 Knutsford

Opening Ceremony In Order to Celebrate the Completion of Cheshire's A556 Knutsford

An official opening ceremony has taken place in order to celebrate the completion of Cheshire’s A556 Knutsford to Bowdon dual carriageway. The official opening ceremony was held on Friday the 24th March and included the planting of a tree by Jim O’Sullivan and the Tatton MP George Osbourne. The tree was planted on the Green […]

GMB Want Inquiry Into Conservative Party & Uber

GMB Announced That They Want an Urgent Inquiry Into Conservative Party and Uber

GMB has announced that they want an urgent inquiry in to the relationship between the Conservative party and Uber. It has been announced that an inquiry is needed into the supposedly quite cosy relationship between the car service and members of the Conservative party. It has been revealed that the former leader of the conservative […]