Trade Figures Rise in Port of London

Trade Figures Rise in Port of London

The last ten years have been good for trading figures in the Port of London but 2016 saw the location experience the highest amount of trade for the port in the last ten years, reaching a staggering 50 million tons by the end of the year.

It is clear however that these successful figures reached by no means happened overnight: indeed, the port has been working hard over the last recent years in increasing its amounts of trade cargo little by little (totaling between 2 and 3 per cent) every single progressive year until it pushed for the long final lap of 2016 by exerting itself to rising a staggering 10 percent more than in the previous year. Such hard work is extremely impressive and spokesmen for the Port of London are very pleased that the transport and logistics sector all around the country will have benefited from the amount of trade the port has circulated to and from the shores of our land.

Indeed, reports that the amounts of oil fuel, shipping containers and raw ingredients for the building and construction industries were found to be true, which is that they were increasing year on year on in regularly rising amounts. The port’s CEO Robin Mortimer declared that the port is reaching ever more closely to its 60-80 million ton target with this result and is delighted that the port exceeded the amount of tonnage handling of trade along the River Thames that had ever taken place in previous years. For the transport networks of London and for the future of ongoing trade developments in the city, this can only be a good thing.

Indeed, 2016 saw a number of maiden voyages for cargo, some of which was to the Thames Oil Port and to the Port of Tilbury: managing these advancements in addition to achieving such a high tonnage rate is a testament to the Port of London’s success.

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