P&O Report on Success of new Sea Freight Route

P&O Ferries has recently reported that one of their newer routes has so far carried near to 15,000 units. The sea freight company’s new dedicated lift unit freight service which travels between Zeebrugge and Hull was first launched in May, and since then, has seen 14,804 lift units transported across the North Sea during the first six months of the route being in operation.

October has been the most popular month to date for this new P&O Ferries service, with 2,771 units being transported with this new offering. The company has charted the 118-meter Elisabeth to service their new route, with the 5,000 tonne container ship working to make three round-trips each week between Zeebrugge, Belgium and Hull. This new freight service that has been introduced this year, compliments the existing P&O Ferries’ existed combined tourist and freight service between Belgian port and the Humber.

The Head of Freight -North Sea at P&O Ferries, Nick Pank has said that they are delighted that so many customers have viewed the new and dedicated freight service that takes place between Zeebrugge and Hull, a service which is a match for their transport requirements. The company has also said that they will continue to focus on service reliability for their clients and the Zeebrugge hub rail connectivity is essential to a number of businesses that have adopted the sea freight service.

This new route offered by P&O leads to a faster and more efficient turnaround by the company in both ports, and has helped to expand their Zeebrugge terminal and optimise their handling at their freight gate that has benefitted by helping customers’ delivery commitments.

Zeebrugge is the main continental hub for P&O Ferries and it is great that the company has been able to offer another service. Overseas exporters looking to transport their goods to Britain make the most of the P&O freight routes to Teesport and Tilbury from Zeebrugge as well as Hull.

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