ITF Seafarers' Trust Launch their Portable Communication Pods

ITF Seafarers’ Trust Launch their Portable Communication Pods

The ITF Seafarers’ Trust was first established in 1981 by the ITF. The trust was first created as a body with charitable status as a part of UK law. The ITF Seafarers’ Trust has delivered a range of Portable Communication Pods. These pods have been developed as a part of the Trust’s digital welfare project, which focuses on keeping seafarers better connected to their families and friends.

The new Portable Communication Pods will also give the seafarers access to the needed information and resources through the provision of easily accessible Wi-Fi access. The long-term plan is to deliver a large number of these pods to quayside ports around the world.

The Portable Communication Pods are also award-winning, after becoming the winner of the Best New Communication Project as a part of the at the Safety at Sea Awards. The pods won this prestigious award because of the innovative way that the pods are able to address an essential part of the seafarers rather individual welfare needs, by offering easier communication access to their friends and loved ones.

It has been found that maintaining the Seafarers’ well-being is an essential part of improving the levels of safety seen on projects at sea. These pods also help to improve quality of life for the workers. The ITF Seafarers’ Trust has said that they are proud of the responsibilities that they have, which include communication as well as training, port information and information. The pods also deliver access to chaplains, ITF inspectors and a range of other assistance when needed.

The ITF Seafarers’ Trust Pods are portable and have a range of different uses, this makes them easier to offer a portal back to land, helping to empower seafarers and maritime workers around the world. The charity focuses on the support of maritime workers; investing in the long-term programs that would improve seafarers and their families’ health and wellbeing. The company works to be a catalyst for beneficial change in the maritime community.

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