Christmas Arrives Early For South Coast Retail Logistics Experts


Christmas Arrives Early For South Coast Retail Logistics Experts

Christmas may still be some months away but leading port-centric operator Import Services is already working 24 hours a day to supply fast moving consumer products to retailers across the UK and Continental Europe.

The Southampton-based company recently opened a new extension to its container port, perfectly timed to cope with products now arriving in containers from the Far East especially toys for Christmas presents.

Client services director Mike Thomas said the advent of our container port extension is timed to provide necessary capacity for the seasonal influx.

“We can now store 53,000 pallets in narrow aisle racking across the business,’’ he said.

“Our container port facility is 200m from the side of a container ship and this provides us with the ability to move imported product swiftly, processing orders for Christmas and delivering to retailers as diverse as John Lewis and Amazon, Harrods and Tesco, Toys R Us and El Corte Ingles.

“Our port-centric expansion, facilitated by ABP Southampton, is also providing an optimum route to market for business to consumer orders which is a growing part of our clients’ business,’’ said Mike.

“At the start of the season our distribution centres are processing 10,000 orders a week which will increase steadily towards peak,’’ said Mike.

Import Services is the leading container port based logistics company in the UK, based in  Southampton and linking supply chain services, with global real time information, to meet the new world of retailing.

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