The Global Shippers’ Forum and BIMCO have released a video that has been jointly produced by both organisations and illustrates their readymade standard service contract. The video has been aimed toward small and medium sized shipping companies that perhaps don’t have the resources necessary to develop their own service agreement.

The standard service contract that has been put together by the Global Shippers’ Forum and BIMCO is SERVICECON, and is available to download free of charge with a range of accompanying explanatory notes. The video that has been released features the Chris Welsh from the Global Shippers’ Forum, or GSF, as well as Erwann Merrien from Marfret. The video shows Chris and Erwann in discussions with Grant Hunter from BIMCO. These three industry professionals were all involved with the development of SERVICECON.

The new video covers the benefits of using the ready-made standard service contract for shippers and carriers as well as highlighting the main features of the contract. The video is free to watch, lasts for 41 minutes and is available on the BIMCO and GSF website.

SERVICECON has been created by specialist shippers and carriers and works as a cross-industry initiative. The service agreement is a simple and easy to use contract that covers all of the main issues vital in a service agreement. The finished article is the perfect starting point for any smaller operations to use when beginning negotiations.

BIMCO is known for being the world’s largest shipping associations and has 2,100 members across 21 different countries. GSF acts as a global voice for shippers and was created in 2006 in order to replace the Tripartite Shippers’ Group which was first formed in 1994. The GSF represents the interests of national and regional shippers’ organisations that work across Asia, Europe, North and South America and Africa.

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