walkers on foot watch out

Walkers on Foot Watch Out!

Walkers on foot travelling near British railway services across all over the country are being cordially told by members of the railway transport services and the police to not ever put their own lives into jeopardy when approaching moving transport. These announcements have been made in the wake of truly troubling CCTV filmed evidence of couples in two different parts of the country taking extreme risks at level crossings. Both events were found to be occurring at night and during the festive 2016 December season and featured adults completely ignoring the warning lights shown on the barriers and the barriers themselves, choosing instead to pelt across the railway line to get to the other side.

Even if trains are approaching the station, the RMD of Network Rail Becky Lumlock has stated that these vehicles still travel as fast as 60 miles an hour. A single contact with a seemingly slow moving train can be fatal no matter how fast it is going and police officers and railway service operators constantly warn the public not to take foolish risks. Most frighteningly, the events depicted by the camera film took place at night in winter, where visibility is low and slippery weather conditions put foolhardy pedestrians at an even greater risk when they try to jump over the level crossings.

One video even showed a young child being passed through the hands of one individual to another whilst still in danger of being run over by a hurtling train carriage and Network Rail are rightly concerned that their repeated measures for trying to protect the public are being systematically shrugged off by a few reckless individuals. As well as reminding walkers to tread carefully and remain vigilant when travelling near active railway lines, Network Rail is also planning to commit 100 billion pounds to making rail crossings safer in Britain, having shut down more than 1,000 in the last few years due to their inadequacy in protecting individuals.

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