Vickers Energy Group Helps Cut Stagecoach’s Energy Consumption By Nearly 50% Through Energy Management System

Vickers Energy Group Helps Cut Stagecoach’s Energy Consumption By Nearly 50% Through Energy Management System

Vickers Energy Group has helped to cut transport operator Stagecoach’s energy usage by nearly 50% and saved it over £7.8m* in energy bills (versus an investment of £2.2m), through its remote access energy management systems at the transport company’s bus depots throughout the UK.

Energy efficiency business, Vickers Energy Group has worked with Stagecoach since 2004 providing a hi-tech energy management system which controls heating and lighting across the companies 100 depots in the UK.  In 2011, Stagecoach further committed to the Vickers system which now allows the Group to improve monitoring and control of its gas heating system through the introduction of control panels with remote access management which provides greater reliability and less waste, and is controlled remotely by Vickers.  Results show that the technology has helped Stagecoach save 55,000 tonnes of CO2 in the past 10 years* – the equivalent of the emissions produced by powering 22,000 homes for a year**.

David Hilton, managing director at Vickers Energy, said: “We’ve been working with Stagecoach for 10 years and are immensely proud of the dramatic carbon and financial savings we have delivered.  The newly installed system is controlled remotely and testament to the strong results that the initial system produced, and our on-going advances in this area.  We work very closely with the team at Stagecoach to deliver the right results for it and are proud to be part of its plans to reduce carbon emissions for its transport operations.”

Managing Director of Stagecoach UK Bus Robert Montgomery said: “We’ve invested significantly in this system and we are really starting to see the benefits now in terms of the energy savings, and the knock-on financial savings, that it is delivering across our operations.  Sustainability is at the heart of our operations and we are continuing to implement new measures to help cut our carbon footprint and encourage more people on to our greener, smarter bus and rail services.”

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