Update on Midland Railway Network Improvements

Update on Midland Railway Network Improvements

Railway repair and renovation works are still under way in the area of Kettering as part of Network Rail’s ambitious initiative to improve the conditions for thousands of commuters along the Midland Main Line in the United Kingdom.

Level crossings along the line are to be improved, vehicle carriage “points” will be reinstated and more works are set to take place along that line on Friday evening on the 24th of this very month. It is hoped that train and network services will be fully in use by Monday the 27th but workers will need the time over the weekend to implement the changes that will need to take place along the Midland Main Line.

What this will unfortunately mean therefore is that some changes will have to be made to passengers’ journeys and all are advised by Network Rail to check their tickets and timetables. The repairs along the line will also mean that over the weekend beginning the night of the 24th February, no access of any kind whatsoever will be available to London St Pancras along that line, nor either will there be access towards other areas of the north of the country during the time in which the repair period will take place. For those that have the feeling that they might be affected by these developments, the East Midlands Train website will be the first port of call for the most recent updates and news on the situation.

However, it must be maintained that this will be the very last development to disrupt passengers wanting to connect between Kettering and the area of Corby, so passengers affected can at least rejoice that by the time of Monday the 27th the railway changes along that line will have been finalized. Mr Jake Kelly the MD of East Midlands Trains emphasizes that this disruptive repair period is necessary to the long-term success of the line and urges commuters that may be affected to check the latest details available on the train network’s website.

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