Surrey citizens encouraged to attend meeting on level crossings

Surrey Citizens Encouraged to Attend Meeting on Level Crossings

The plans of Network Rail to teach the residents in the Woodfield Lane area of Ashtead in Surrey about the implementation of a new, safer level crossing at the local station are currently under way. A meeting will take place on the 21st of February at the local Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall in order for citizens in the local area to find out more what the plans to improve the level crossing will involve and how the implementation of those plans will affect them during their daily routine. Lasting from midday until 6PM, residents are welcome to pop into the hall at their convenience and find out more about what Network Rail’s upgrading plans in the local Ashtead area will involve.

The processes involved in the installation of the new structure will undoubtedly cause some changes to the station and to passengers’ journeys, and over the course of several weekends commuters may be affected by the necessary reparation processes. Indeed, the current Ashtead crossing is a key transport and logistics hub in the area and the repair period itself is certain to cause some level of disruption to those traveling by car, train or even by foot. Even the dismantling of structures such as that to the structure to the north-east of the crossing to be used for equipment storage is something that is open to discussion and debate by Surrey citizens.

It is clear through this therefore that the Network Rail services are very willing to listen to what the local population in the area of Surrey have to say about the transport and logistical changes to their habitat and it seems clear that the community will hugely benefit in knowing precisely what the plans to upgrade the Ashtead crossing will actually entail. Attendance to the meeting at Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall on that subject is therefore enthusiastically encouraged.

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