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Scotland to England £1 billion investment in Rail

Even with security queues and delays, air passengers travelling between Scotland and England are currently enjoying a the luxury of time over their commuting alternatives. Currently commuters can pick between 4 air routes between Scotland and England, including the capitols, now those who seek to travel by rail will be happy with the new proposals to make major upgrades to the rail lines. New investment of over £1 billion pounds will see the major improvements many have said the routes need.

The train fleets that have been servicing the East Coast Mainline for the last quarter century are due to get an upgrade. The update sees Japanese built trains join the East Coast line. The new fleets will have more seats and will be every half hour each day, this is much more frequent than the current times. The investment comes to many as happy news allowing more options of stations closer to workplaces.

The new trains will not only be more frequent but also more efficient cutting travel times down by about half an hour each time. This will seek to prove that rail travel will be considered a nice alternative to air travel, narrowing the advantage air travel had over rail.

The trains will also run to new destinations such as such as Inverness and Aberdeen, currently taking over routes currently serviced by trains that are said to be over four decades old, this upgrade in service will significantly change the current options available to commuters. This investment seeks to ensure better customer satisfaction and likely to make big changes in the rails.

The initiative seeks to make rail travel a more attractive alternative to consumers, stating that more investment is needed to reduce journey times even further, however there has to be a proven need for such an investment to be worthwhile.

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