Replacing the Airport Taxi for the Train in London Could Save Passengers Millions

Replacing the Airport Taxi for the Train in London Could Save Passengers Millions

It has been revealed that replacing the Airport Taxi for the train in London could save passengers millions. It has been calculated that flyers from Scottish airports to London could save in the region of £163 million and 235 million minutes every year by using the new express trains being constructed instead of taxis. The new express trains are part of the Gatwick Express, Heathrow Express, Stanstead Express and Luton Thameslink projects could be a money saver for travelers wanting to get from the four London airports in to the center of the capital.

Just under 3 million passengers travel over 456 flights per week in between Edinburgh and London. This makes it the busiest flight path in the country. It is also one of the busiest air routes in Europe, which means it could be made for time efficient and cheaper will help out a lot of people.

On the 17th March, Passengers were able to buy their choice of express rail tickets for the first time from sales agents at Edinburgh Airport. Making access between the two capitals faster and cheaper will strengthen the service provided. This service is important in terms of economics for the countries too, so any improvements to the travel in between the two cities will also strengthen this economic importance.

Being able to purchase the transfer tickets into London while at Edinburgh airport is also logistically better, as it allows for a smoother transition of transport than having to wait and purchase tickets when they get to London. This could also increase the number of passengers using the service, knowing they can organize their travel at the start of their journey.

The Express Rail services take anywhere between 15 to 30 minutes depending on which Airport the passengers are leaving from. Stanstead works out as having the biggest opportunity for saving money, with the average taxi fare from the airport to London being £120.50. The Stanstead Express will offer rail fares starting from £7. The Stanstead Express also allows for unlimited luggage and free Wi-Fi, making it cheap and convenient without the hidden catches of baggage limits attached.

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