Orange Army Have Worked Their Socks off by Improving the Network Rail

Orange Army Have Worked Their Socks off by Improving the Network Rail

The Orange Army belonging to Network Rail have worked their socks off to finally contributing a grand total of 413, 992 hours in the Christmas season to improving the traveling lives of commuters across the country. It is clear that congratulations are in order for these dedicated members of Network Rail, who have been responsible for a number of improvements that have made life a whole lot easier for commuters all over Britain.

Such seemingly inconsequential methods as extending the lengths of various platforms around the country, such as in Hayes as well as Harlington, ensured that there was more passenger seating space along that line, totaling to an impressive 6, 550 for passengers travelling to and from the stations. In addition to this, more than 4,000 dedicated members of staff worked during the Christmas season (which for the railway networks lasts a grand total of ten very busy days) to forward developments to link recently designed tunnel systems to the rest of the London rails.

This will enable the new “Elizabeth line” to begin satisfying its customers on time from the year 2018. Thanks to these developments, no less than 1.5 million passengers will be able to access the heart of the city capital in one quarter of an hour. As if this were not impressive enough in the Central London areas, Network Rail is investing around the country to electrify various railway networks, such as in Scotland and London, to enable services to work at faster rates and to save costs and the transport systems’ combined impact on the British environment.

This work along London Paddington meant that the station had to be shut down for a potentially chaotic six days and diverting passengers and commuters towards Ealing Broadway. On the other hand, close collaboration and cooperation between different service providers and passengers ensured that things went smoothly. In total, 85.4 million pounds were dedicated to improving the railways over the festive season. Tis a reason to be jolly!

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