Networks Rail's Progression Of Rebuilding Line services From Norwich to London

Networks Rail’s Progression Of Rebuilding Line services From Norwich to London

This coming Saturday the 4th February 2017 will see Network Rail’s progression of rebuilding the line services from Norwich to London. A grand sum total of 250 million pounds are set to be devoted to improving the railway services along the Greater Anglia and TfL Rail lines. This will include the renovation of Shenfield Station, involving platform changes, new connections and replacing preexisting overhead wires, so that the location will be able to put to great use in putting it on the map for the up and coming eagerly awaited Elizabeth line along London’s rail networks.

A number of different measures will therefore need to be taken to renovate Shenfield train station so that it is ready for the implementation of this exciting new transport link. More wires will need to be replaced (as for example took place this Christmas in Essex alongside Gidea Park) at Shenfield to ensure that they are sufficiently weather-resistant and durable enough to last a much longer length of time than the ones previously installed along the line.

The new wires will not only ensure the future of Shenfield as a valuable commuting point for travelers between Norwich and the capital, but will also result in less and less delays to services in the long term.  Furthermore, ticketing outposts will be renovated and improved at various locations on the line, such as in Brentwood and at Chadwell Heath, whilst outside refurbishments to Gidea Park in Essex and Goodmayes will also take place.

Similarly, several new fully operating elevators will be built into place at Manor Park, Seven Kings as well as Maryland in order to vitally enhance the access points of those busy stations for commuters and travelers. Works will take place during the weekend and travelers are thus advised to check their bookings before they decide to embark upon their travels in the area.

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