Network Rail Released New Figures Of the Full Extent pf the Contribution of the Rail Industry

Network Rail Released New Figures Of the Full Extent pf the Contribution of the Rail Industry

Network Rail has released new figures that has shown the full extent of the contribution of the rail industry in the West Midlands. It has been revealed that the rail industry, which includes Network Rail and London Midland will be working in order to deliver a record £50 billion plus investment in to Britain’s railway.

The investment put in to the rail industry will help towards support jobs as well as growth and drives development. There will also be a level of regeneration which will unlock the housing supply in the West Midlands by improving transport access.

Through investing a record amount in the rail industry Network Rail has been able to support more than 12,000 jobs that are spread across the West Midlands. The record investment that has been out into the railway also leads to money being spent in over 340 businesses. This shows how important the railway is to economic growth and not just in the obvious forms.

Network Rail is spending £100 million every single week on as part of the Railway Upgrade Plan in order to make the most of economic growth that is predicted from improving the railway. The West Coast main line route which includes the West Midlands is having a total of £1.9 billion investment annually. Hopefully this investment will deliver a safe and reliable railway service to travelers. One on the projects in this area is the £100 million that has been invested in the upgrade of the track and signaling equipment in Bromsgrove.

Network Rail and other train companies are aiming to improve journeys for passengers. The result of these improvements will be more trains that go to more places, more frequently. This creates jobs and opportunities in the areas that are now being accessed by the upgraded railway systems. The improvements will help the millions of passengers that use the railway in the West Midlands area to get around to more places, faster and more easily.

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