Network Rail Need All the Support that They Can Get

Network Rail Need All the Support that They Can Get

The CEO for Transport has voiced his opinion that Network Rail are doing their best to implement the new changes to British railway network but need the funds and support in order to be able to see these changes through.

The comments from David Brown come from the most recent initiative to construct two arched structures across the River Irwell in order to improve the transport links in the middle of Manchester known as Ordsall Chord arched structures. It is pleasing that such developments are being made at a time that coincide with the birthday of the historic 1830 period when George Stephenson masterminded the interconnectivity between cities all those years ago.

Beginning with a railway line that would ensure that the cities of Manchester and Liverpool could be joined together, it is clear that during the Industrial Revolution of the Victorian era the North was the proud central hub of transport innovation and progress. Indeed, it is hoped that train vehicles will be able to run across by the end of this very year and it is a sign that the city of Manchester yet again will experience a renovation of its railway systems.

But this particular innovation is more eagerly awaited than ever before, since the initiative will allow the most used central stations of the city to be connected together. So that this can happen to the stations of Manchester Piccadilly, Oxford Road as well as Manchester Victoria, these important works will need to be carried out to the very best of the engineers’ ability and each 600-ton archway structure will need to be implemented with the care and consideration that it deserves for those wanting to experience the greatness of Manchester.

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