Don’t Be Caught Out By The High Speed 2 Rail Route

Don’t Be Caught Out By The High Speed 2 Rail Route

Earlier this year the Government announced its proposals for phase two of the High Speed railway from Birmingham to Manchester and Leeds, designed to cut travel times by nearly a half. HS2 will represent one of the biggest infrastructure projects ever undertaken in the UK with total costs for both phases estimated at over £33 billion. Such a massive project clearly has major implications to properties along the route both during and after construction. Risk management experts Argyll Environmental believe home owners and property developers need to be aware of the potential impact of the railway line on their properties.

Argyll has identified that in the Local Land Charges search report, typically conducted during the house buying process, only areas within 25 meters of large infrastructure projects are revealed, if at all. This means that, in the case of the HS2 line, should your property lie beyond this parameter even just 50 metres from the site, the report will not show it. This is a particular issue that could cause problems when it comes to the buying or selling of property or land.

Once complete, the High Speed 2 line will stretch from London to Manchester and Leeds. Although still in the planning stages, the line could have a detrimental impact on the value of land and property within its neighbouring vicinity by increasing noise levels and creating a  visual impact.

Ben Furlong, Environmental Consultant for Argyll Environmental explains: “The second-phase HS2 project proposals were announced in January and consists of a ‘Y’ shaped construction that extends the line from the West Midlands to Manchester and Leeds, comprising of 211 miles of new track. With many new commercial and residential properties surrounding the extended route, it is essential to account for the risks to the wider areas to ensure informed decisions are made in light of the future development of the line.

“For homeowners, it is vital that they understand the upcoming HS2 plans in order to make a fair analysis of the impact to their current and future homes. That’s why we have extended our HS2 product to give property owners the vital details they need to know. Our report increases the clarity of the plans, providing a more thorough understanding for all parties.”

Argyll Environmental’s report provides details of the proposed high speed rail network’s route, giving an indication as to whether a site will be impacted by its development. The report also indicates what type of line will be installed, including ground level track, tunnels and viaducts and the expected maximum speeds of the trains as they pass each part of the network. The High Speed 2 report is available from £15+VAT and is the ideal tool for anyone considering buying or selling property within the line’s corridor route.

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