Skipping Sikh MBE Delivers Langar to Gurdwara in His Own Sponsorship Van

Skipping Sikh MBE Delivers Langar to Gurdwara in His Own Sponsorship Van

A delivery company surprised the Skipping Sikh by collecting him in a bespoke ‘sponsorship van’ and driving to Southall Gurdwara to donate supplies and ingredients for langar.

BJS Home Delivery are delighted to be supporting the Skipping Sikh, an inspirational 74 year- old who supported the NHS during the pandemic by skipping as a means to keep fit and raise money. Rajinder Singh Harzall has always wanted to take part in the London Marathon and in October this year, days before his 75th birthday, plans to skip the 26mile course to raise money for Mencap.

Mencap wants a world where people with a learning disability gain an equal right to opportunity and respect. They believe that supporting the families and carers of people with a learning disability is vital to achieving their vision.

BJS is named after Baba Jaswant Singh Ji who, before his death in 2020, was based in Punjab and had a trust that ran projects for the welfare of humanity; providing health care facilities, higher medical education and to show ‘the path of spiritual righteousness’, to ‘foster human values and welfare with esteemed devotion indeed’.

“The attitude and aspirations of the Skipping Sikh are very aligned with the compassionate core values of BJS, and we are delighted to support him. We hope you will join us. One way of showing our support for Rajinder was to create a bespoke delivery van to raise awareness of his wonderfully ambitious and selfless goal. On Wednesday 21st July we will drive the van to Rajinder’s home to surprise him, then drive Rajinder to the local Southall Gurdwara where our delivery team will unload a quantity of food donations for langar, the temple’s community meals which are always vegetarian and free to all,” explained BJS Managing Director Harinder Singh.

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