Proposal Has Been Led by the Uniserve Group's Supply Chain Academy

Proposal Has Been Led by the Uniserve Group’s Supply Chain Academy

There has been a proposal to create an apprenticeship degree for supply chain professional. It is thought that the qualification will be the first of its kind. The proposal has been led by the Uniserve Group’s Supply Chain Academy. This proposal has been given approval from the government, which means that it will be listed as an occupational qualification for the supply chain and logistics sector.

It is thought that the degree apprenticeship scheme that has been proposed will cover areas in the industry such as supply chain management and purchasing as well as risk management and procurement. The course is expected to be available in the UK from September 2017.

As of the 6th April the funding for apprenticeships by the government has changed and employers that are operating in the UK and have a pay bill of more than £3 million every year will be expected to contribute to what is called an apprenticeship levy. However, is these businesses that have to fork out for the levy invest in apprentices, they will be able to claim back what they have contributed. It is expected that those who have a pay bill of under £3 million will be able to make the most of a 90% subsidy that is offered by the government to invest in apprentices.

The new degree apprenticeships that have been created by The Supply Chain Academy will require the involvement of employers as well as universities and other professional bodies in order to be successful. The course will involve these bodies working in partnership as the student/apprentice will divide their time between the university and the employer. The results of this work will be a full bachelor’s or master’s degree on the completion of the course but with the added industry experience of the apprenticeship. The intention of this new course is to professionalise the industry as well as dealing with the gap between skills and management that is increasing in the supply chain industry.

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