Polymer Logistics Has Praised Tesco For Their Work to Deliver Free Fresh Fruit to Children

Polymer Logistics Has Praised Tesco For Their Work to Deliver Free Fresh Fruit to Children

Polymer Logistics has praised Tesco for their work to deliver free fresh fruit to Children. The logistics company produced retail-ready packaging solutions for their clients and has praised the supermarket chain, Tesco, for the project that has led to 20 million pieces of fresh fruit given to children. Polymer has been involved in this project as their wood effect Marketplace Units were used by Tesco in order to display the fruit selection that was on offer.

The Free Fruit for Kids scheme that has been developed by Tesco and implemented in more than 800 stores across the UK, offering children in those areas the chance to have a healthy snack. On offer across Tesco stores were 8 million bananas, 6.5 million apples and 5.5 million oranges. The programme has been in operation since the summer of 2016 and is a great opportunity to entice children into eating healthier.

A online survey has been carried out in relation to the Free Fruit for Kids initiative and of the 1,400 Mumsnet users that were involved in the study, one third replied that as a result of taking part in the scheme their children are consuming more fruit. Nine out of ten participants in the research have said that they feel more positive about the Tesco brand as a whole in response to the initiative.

Polymer Logistics worked with Tesco as they extended their Marketplace products. Polymer offered the supermarket brand a range of solutions for merchandising as Tesco wanted to create a fresh market look across their stores. The result was the a distinctive wood effect product that will be used across the Tesco Marketplace that has strong product protection as well as being fordable and stackable to be more space saving.

The Polymer units supplied can be constructed quickly and simply and the extensive use of the new solution means that a uniform look across the stores is created.

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