Pallet-Track celebrates 30 million milestone

Pallet-Track celebrates 30 million milestone

Pallet-Track has moved 30 million consignments, without losing a single pallet in the hub, the pallet network announced the milestone this week. The milestone consignment, which was handled at the network’s central hub in Wolverhampton on Millfields Road, was sent to Hull-based plumbers’ merchants James Hargreaves and contained bathroom supplies.

It was collected by Action Express in Northampton and transported to the network’s central hub, before being delivered to its final destination by Harrison Solway Logistics.

Pallet-Track attributed the central hub’s achievement in losing no pallets to “significant investments” the network has made in tracking technology, which is used by every haulier in its network of 90-plus members.

It has partnered with software specialist Vigo to provide improved visibility on all consignments that are transported by its network, with each individual pallet scanned nine times from its collection point to its delivery destination. The scanning procedures have seen nearly half a billion tracking events recorded to date.

Pallet-Track handled 852 pallets on its first night in February 2004 and now averages 18,000 pallets per night at its 267,000 sq ft distribution centre.

Caroline Green, Pallet-Track chief executive, said: “This is a significant achievement for our network members, and demonstrates the strength of our position in the sector.

“We have invested heavily in our software to ensure that Pallet-Track offers the most reliable service for palletised goods, which is underlined by the fact that we haven’t lost a single pallet in almost two decades.

“Thanks to our hub and spoke model, we’ve also ensured that the 56 million pallets handled by Pallet-Track have been delivered in the most efficient way, helping to reduce environmental impact.

“As a pallet network, we’ve come a long way since our first night of operation and continue to develop our service and future-proof our network for the benefit of our members, who have enabled us to celebrate this milestone.”

John Vickers, managing director at Vigo Software, said: “Vigo Software is proud to have been a key part of the growth and success of Pallet-Track.

He added: “Our partnership with Pallet-Track has enabled us to anticipate and fulfil their needs and that of their member depots and their customers.

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