Logistics UK Launches Affiliate Membership for VBRA Members

Logistics UK Launches Affiliate Membership for VBRA Members

One of the UK’s biggest business groups, Logistics UK, has announced it will be offering members of the Vehicle Body Repair Association (VBRA) affiliate membership, which will give these businesses access to a variety of Logistics UK’s services. These include its expert operational transport compliance information, in addition to discounted rates on training courses, vehicle inspection services, and Tachodisc analysis..

“We look forward to providing members of the VBRA with Logistics UK’s expert information on compliance and regulations related to their operations, as well as providing access to our range of services including technician and workshop training to help raise standards across the industry. We are confident that our services will complement those of VBRA and add value to the benefits they offer to their members – an area which is critical to membership associations like ours,” said Will Reeves, Sector Development Manager at Logistics UK.

“VBRA is partnering with Logistics UK to enable its members to enjoy training, services and product discounts along with an enhanced transport logistics knowledge to assist in these challenging times and to create an even better value proposition to our members. The partnership also enables the VBRA to join forces with Logistics UK and lobby government on specific initiatives which impact the heavy goods industry,” added Tom Hudd, NBRA National Technical Manager.

The VBRA team will also receive regular briefings from Logistics UK on the latest developments in transport legislation and policy to communicate with its members, as well as access to Logistics UK’s Member Advice Centre, where it can seek specific support and advice on behalf of its members.

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