Fiege Expressed Their Excitement Regarding the Development of a Logistics Technology Accelerator

Fiege Expressed Their Excitement Regarding the Development of a Logistics Technology Accelerator

Last Week, Fiege expressed their excitement regarding the development of a Logistics Technology Accelerator. Fiege Logistik is aiming to help start-up companies that are wanting to change the future of the logistics industry by implementing a range of revolutionary business ideas.

The logistics company want to help to change the industry from the start by offering their assistance to companies that are in the early stages of establishment. In order to do this, Fiege will be forming partnerships with a range of different organisations. Among these are the San Francisco RocketSpace technology campus and Spain’s Kaleido.

The first part of the Logistics Tech Accelerator has been complete and now, Fiege will now enter the next stage of their accelerator. Fiege spent four months in the Silicon Valley selecting start-ups that would be able to benefit from the expertise on offer at Fiege and the other Accelerator members. The idea behind the accelerator is to improve and develop these business models.

Four of the start-ups that were met by Feige and have presented their business models and ideas to the company have been in discussions regarding taking their idea further and possibly carrying out potential market tests. On of the start-ups is a IAM Robotics. Originally from Pittsburgh, the company work to create mobile picking robots. It is thought that robotics in intra logistics is a central exploration point for Fiege. As well as this, a range of other workshops have been conducted in the USA and in Germany. Fiege are looking for start-ups that are focused on delivering Smart Warehouse and Smart Trade solutions that could improve the efficiency of the logistics industry in the future.

Fiege Group is headquartered in Germany and is known for being one of the leading European logistics providers. This Accelerator is a great opportunity for start-ups to gain access to industry expertise and assistance with bringing ideas to reality and then distributed on a larger scale in the future.

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