Expansion of Logistics Lighting Solutions

Expansion of Logistics Lighting Solutions

The Leicester based lighting solution provider, Ecolighting has announced that their range of product are now available for sale online. The business works to supply energy saving lighting solutions, both indoor and outdoor, for retail, office  industrial and commercial buildings. Ecolighting is ideal for logistics operations of companies wanting to be more energy efficient and cut down their operational costs. The company have already been used to supply lighting solutions across a range of industrial and commercial space, however in the past, Ecolighting products were only available as part of a more comprehensive design and installation service.

Ecolighting’s website has been upgraded in order to allow for this new purchase option, and now offers a multi channel sales option which allows a customer to purchase the lighting solutions that are required without having to make a phone call and in one simple, quick and easy process.

The website offers a selection of delivery options for the lighting solutions, from next-day to 48 hour delivery. This allows for the speedy delivery of the product to the client, with the possibility of free delivery for customers who make a purchase of retrofit lamps that amounts to more than £50. The company also offer 30-day returns option, allowing customers to alter and return orders that aren’t the best fit for something more suitable.

The intention of this new purchase option that has been offered by the industrial and commercial lighting provider was to increase the use of energy saving products. Thes use of a new online platform for the company’s website means it is straightforward for for customers to purchase the energy saving retrofit and vintage lamps that are on offer as well as the luminaries that are sold by Ecolighting.

On ecolightinguk.com, the company’s website, the full product range is available to browse and purchase in order to encourage more companies to utilise energy efficient lighting systems that could also lead to a cut in operations costs.

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