Downton is One of the Market’s Best Independent Logistics Firm

Downton is One of the Market’s Best Independent Logistics Firm

Downton is one of the market’s best independent logistics firm. The companies’ customers include some of the UKs largest companies in a wide variety of sectors including print and publishing, food and drink, and retail. Operating since 1955, Downton now employs 1350 people across 12 different distribution facilities and uses 600 tractor units and 1,800 trailers.

The growing group CM Downton has decided to invest in its fleet and have ordered new vehicles to meet the expanding company’s needs. This significant investment includes the ordering of 100 DAF trucks, 100 Cartwright Curtainsiders and 100 Tiger Trailers. This additional vehicle power will allow CM Downton to support new as well as existing contracts and further allow them to expand the company.

The new equipment will arrive at some point in 2017, with the ordering has been done with partners that CM Downton has had long and successful previous relationships with previously. With new contracts secured by CM Downton, the vehicles will be able to support the company which already has a fleet dominated by DAF, Cartwright and Tiger Trailers. The previous use and knowledge of the vehicles ensure that the new order will successfully be incorporated into the business.

The new vehicles will have to be configured to meet CM Downton’s specifications. The vehicles include DAF XF trucks, which is amongst the manufacturers most powerful truck, but will require some personalization for the independent logistics firm. These new configurations will include a Super Space Cab, 6×2 axle configuration AS Tronic automatic transmission and a MX13 460BHP Euro 6 engine. These and all tucks in the fleet will be maintained on site by CM Downton. The Tiger Trailers and Cartwright trailers will all be fitted with EN standard curtains that all have to be altered to meet the requirements of CM Downton.

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