Corporate Solutions Logistics

Corporate Solutions Logistics Intends to Join UK’s Top 100

It has been reported that a logistics enterprise known as Corporate Solutions Logistics could well be set on the road to the UK’s Top 100 enterprises dealing in the transport and logistics industry of the United Kingdom. The resilience of the Birmingham-set firm in an age of economic and social turmoil has enabled them to battle against the odds and come out shining, with an impressive turnover of £20 million by the end of 2016.

This was a quarter of a one hundred percent increase on their one in the previous financial year and it is clear that this staggering amount of progress means that the firm has decided to up the ante and expects to achieve a target totaling £24 million by the end of this particular year. This is a very impressive feat for a company that is run by a family that started small and gradually snowballed into the current transport and logistics giant that it will soon be able to proclaim itself to be. Indeed, the fact that it has attracted a wide range of clients to employ them for their services is a testament to their hard work and efficiency over the years, and popular retail outlets such as Lidl have used their services over and over again in the past few years. Lidl now view them as a favorite for their transport and logistics strategies all over the country.

Through intimate customer relations and a commitment to excellent customer service, Corporate Solutions Logistics has grown considerable over the years to become the successful enterprise that it is today. Indeed, constant investment in new forms of technology and science has also served the company well, and as MD Des Ponsonby says, their invested amounts into Information and Technology services has paid off and ensured that they are able to keep up with the times, demands and pressures of the current transport and logistics system.

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