Cimcorp Working to See the Manufacture Creating Automated Logistics Systems

Cimcorp Working to See the Manufacture Creating Automated Logistics Systems

Cimcorp the manufacturer and integrator of turnkey robotic handling services has received a significant order. The work will see the manufacturer creating automated logistics systems that will be used at a tire plant in Algeria.

The factory that will be the end location for this logistics systems is a new plant that has been opened by Saterex. The Algerian company is a consumer electronics and household appliances group that has been expanding into tyre manufacturing. Through their leading brand, Iris, the Algerian company is diversifying and has created a new plant in Sétif which is located 300km east of Algiers. This new plant that has been opened by Saterex will be the first tire factory in Algeria after the Michelin Group took the decision to close their plant in 2013 in the capital.

The location for the new tyre manufacturing plant is ideal as the area that surrounds Sétif is going through a phase of significant economic growth, with boosts in a range of different sectors such as the automotive industry. It has been calculated that the Algerian market consumes over 7 million tires each year and the products that are more regularly imported into the country are of a poor quality the majority of the time. Therefore there is a brilliant opportunity to kick start the manufacturing in this sector again in order to create locally produced and branded tyres that will meet the demand of those in the country. It is thought that the increase of manufacturing in this sector could see a third of the tires being manufactured in Algeria being exported to European and African markets.

As part of the work agreed, Cimcorp will be supplying for the new plant, automated handling systems that will be effective for both up and downstream manufacturing while the Sétif plant is in operation. The new facility is expected to be finished and running by the Spring next year. The plant is being built on a greenfield site and the developers intend on creating an efficient factory from scratch with the best logistics possible installed.

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