Cheshire Logistics Company Joins Palletways Network

Cheshire Logistics Company Joins Palletways Network

The logistics firm Cammack, based in Cheshire, has joined the largest palletised freight network in Europe.

The new partnership with Palletways, which is also the fastest growing palletised freight network in Europe, will allow Cammack to develop its services and expand into new areas.

At present, Cammack focuses on the transportation of large equipment for the train maintenance industry, including power units and locomotive wheel sets throughout the UK and Europe.

Among its major customers are Great Western Railways, Bombardier and Virgin Trains.

The company is to handle over 240 pallets every week for Palletways and will be in operation on the Crewe region.

It has a fleet of 18 vehicles, 15 of which are HGV lorries with three vans, while the company currently employs 21 members of staff.

Cammack Director, Jo Cammack, said that the company is delighted to be working with Palletways, a firm with a strong industry reputation that they are looking forward to working with in Fradley.

She believes that the partnership will provide the company with plenty of new growth opportunities because of Palletways’ considerable footprint across the globe.

Ms Commack added that the company’s state of the art IT services will improve their customer service and boost its operational efficiency.

Meanwhile, Palletways UK Ltd’s Managing Director, Luis Zubialde, said that their company is pleased that Cammack will be joining their network.

He said that one of the key factors in bringing the company in was its wealth of knowledge in the industry, having been founder almost 100 years ago.

Mr Zubialde concluded that Palletways is looking forward to utilising their expertise to improve its services in the Cheshire region.

Palletways is made up of 400 depots throughout Europe, with over 100 based in the UK. The independent transport companies that make up Palletways’ distribution network share each other’s resources to provide the best possible freight network service.

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